Elton John Has Postponed His Tour Dates In Europe Because He Injured His Hip

Elton John Has Postponed His Tour Dates In Europe Because He Injured His Hip (1)

Elton John has some problems with his hip. He’s postponing some tour dates that are coming up.
The “Rocket Man” song singer on social media announced Thursday that he had to move the upcoming dates of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour in Europe and the United Kingdom to 2023 because of his injury.

John fell on a hard surface and has been in pain in his hip. He tried to get better with physio and specialist treatment, but the pain continued to get worse.

John said he needed to have an operation and do physiotherapy. If he doesn’t, there will be long-term problems. The man said he would work on a charity event on September 25. It will be different from his tour because it is not very physical. After that, John said he would have an operation. That way, the tour can start again in New Orleans in January 2022.


John said that these are the last tour dates he’ll have in North America and Europe. He wants to go out with a bang. He said that in 2018 he retired from touring. He loved touring. But in 2018, his priorities changed in life. Ten years ago, if you asked him if he would stop touring, he would have said no. But we had children, and that changed our lives. The tour began in 2018, but John later postponed the show because of the pandemic. But he said that the show will return to the road next year and that it will be worth the wait.

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