South Carolina Lawyer Alex Murdaugh Accused of Arranging Own Shooting in $10 M Life Insurance Scheme

South Carolina Lawyer Alex Murdaugh Accused of Arranging Own Shooting in $10 M Life Insurance Scheme

Some people arrange for other people to kill them. Alex Murdaugh was one of these people. He put for someone else to kill him so that his son could collect on a life insurance policy worth $10 million. Alex Murdaugh survived the shooting on September 4. It happened months after the unsolved killings of his wife and son. Police say he told them that he was shot in the head while changing a flat tire, and it only caused a superficial wound.

His lawyer told the NBC TODAY show that his client wanted to stop taking opioids when he got very depressed because of the death of his son and wife. But he thought that his insurance policy had a suicide clause. So, he asked a man to kill him, according to the lawyer. The scheme was an “attempt to do something” to protect his child, Harpootlian said. Alex believed that he should kill himself because he thought it was the only option. But this is not true. Today, he knows that there are other life options.

“For the last 20 years, there have been many people who have helped Alex’s drug addiction by giving him opioids. But during that time these people took advantage of his addiction and his ability to pay a lot of money for drugs. One person agreed to kill him because they knew he was sick.”

On Tuesday, Curtis Edward Smith was arrested on fraud and assisted suicide charges. These charges were related to a car accident.
There is a document from the agency that says Alex Murdaugh asked Smith to kill him. Murdaugh’s will said he wanted his money to go to someone else.

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Murdaugh has not been charged with anything yet. The other lawyer, Harpootlian, said he thinks Murdaugh will be arrested soon.
The shooting happened three months after the family’s wife, and son was found dead. They were shot near a hunting property.
This is what Murdaugh said after the shooting. Murdaugh decided to leave his job because he “made a lot of decisions he regrets.” Murdaugh also said the deaths of his wife and son have made it hard for him.

The law firm said the man resigned after the other men found out he had taken money from them. On Monday, a government agency announced it was looking into accusations that Murdaugh had brought the money from his company.

Smith has been accused of several crimes. He has been charged for assisting suicide, assault, and battery of high aggravated nature, pointing as well as presenting a firearm, insurance fraud, furthermore conspiracy to commit insurance fraud. These are the accusations.
Smith, who lives in Walterboro, was also arrested for drug distribution and possession of marijuana.

Officials said that Smith was in jail on Tuesday night. It is not known if he has an attorney.

The person who wrote this said that there might be more fees.

Murdaugh gave Smith a gun and told him to kill himself.

One of the people in this plan wants to kill someone. They want that person’s son to collect a lot of money if this plan is successful.
This summer, Murdaugh’s wife and his son were found dead near dog kennels on their hunting property in Colleton County. They died of a double homicide.

A lawyer, Alex Murdaugh, called 911 on June 7 at 10:07 p.m. and said that his wife and son were not breathing.

A man on the phone said that he had just come home. He asked the dispatcher to hurry.

Alex Murdaugh’s father, grandfather, and great-grandfather held the top prosecutor position in the 14th Circuit of South Carolina. The region is called Lowcountry. They were in charge for more than 80 years.

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