Former ViacomCBS Executives Claire McArdle and Rebecca Knight Launch Collective Media Group

Former ViacomCBS Executives Claire McArdle and Rebecca Knight Launch Collective Media Group (2) (1)

A new company has been started. The company is called Collective Media Group. They were formerly senior executives at ViacomCBS International. The company is privately backed. They will make high-end factual series, popular entertainment, and podcasts. Sports rights holders can work with them to bring their stories out to the world.

McArdle and Knight were both vice presidents at different companies. They will be co-CEOs of a company called Collective Media Group. Their team includes Matt Wilkinson, who has created many TV shows and movies before. Karen Willis was also in the TV industry, and Richard Smith was a producer. They have made many famous TV shows and movies.

Collective Media Group has a lot of Latin American shows. The company is already doing the highlights for Legends Tour that are shown around 40 other countries. They have given two Harry Redknapp Shows to Global, and they are in talks with all the companies that do streaming and broadcasts.

Collective Media Group will tell stories about sports. They will do this with some high-end factual series, popular entertainment, and podcasts. Collective Media Group will work with people on and off the screen to make them into content that makes people feel good. They will also work with sports companies and share their stories.

McArdle and Knight have been successful before. They have experience in all the key international territories. Collective Media Group already has a strong Latin American slate out to market, so they will now be CEOs!

McArdle is a person who has won lots of awards. She was the Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer for OTRO. For a long time, she worked for Comedy Central International Studios at ViacomCBS International. She also worked as a Commissioning Editor for Education and 4iP at Channel 4. And she even did some work as an Executive Producer with Maverick Television Ltd. McArdle has been very successful!

Knight has been working in the content production and live events business for many years. She has made films that won awards and has negotiated with talent both in front of and behind the camera for over twenty years. Knight cares about the new talent coming into the industry, too.

Claire McArdle, the co-CEO of Collective Media Group, says that there is a chance to make money in today’s market. Talent and access-driven content are important. We will try to get stories from people across the world. And we will focus on sports-related stories because they are prevalent. But many other kinds of stories can be told too…

Rebecca Knight, Co-CEO of Collective Media Group, says: “Each member of our team – from Claire and I through to our producers – brings a special type of talent, organizational access and buyer contacts. It means that we are already talking with all the major players in the streaming and broadcast landscape and have projects that we are developing or contracting.”

The company is already making shows for The Legends Tour and is also working with Global. They have made two series of The Harry Redknapp Show in partnership with Global. The company already has multiple other projects in development, and they are working with international and sports talent.

The company has a team that includes Matt Wilkinson, who is a BAFTA award-winning producer. He has been making shows for 15 years and has made many popular TV programs. For example, he produced I’m A Celebrity, The X Factor, and Soccer Aid. Karen Willis is on board as Director of Development. She has a lot of experience with TV programs and has worked for many years in this type of work. Before her work in production, she was a producer and made documentaries and movies. She also worked at Discovery Networks and IWC. Richard Smith is joining our company as an Executive Producer, Development. He has been successful in helping create The Paul O’Grady Show and Big Brother. He has also been a part of the success of other entertainment shows like Made in Chelsea. In the past year, he has been working on developing shows for MTV UK and other companies.

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