Biden Links Elder to Trump on Eve of California Recall

Biden Links Elder to Trump on Eve of California Recall (1)

Biden Links Elder to Trump on Eve of California Recall

Biden Links Elder to Trump on Eve of California Recall

Monday, President Joe Biden and California Governor Gavin Newsom tried to stop a recall vote by linking the former president and Republican candidate. The President said a message about the election. He said something similar to what Newsom has been saying. If you replace Newsom, Larry Elder is like the former President who lost California by nearly 30 percentage points in 2020.

“All of you know last year I ran against the real Donald Trump,” Biden said, making the sign of the cross across his chest. “This year, one of the leading Republican candidates for governor is almost identical to him.” Biden said, “He is very similar to Donald Trump.” You can’t let him be governor.

Biden is essential in this campaign. He came to help the Governor. Other big people came too, like Vice President Harris and Senator Sanders. They all wanted to help Governor Newsom. The anti-recall campaign also ran TV ads that showed a photo with Elder and Trump next to each other.

Biden Links Elder to Trump on Eve of California Recall (2)

Biden, speaking in California, also said that the election results would matter to a lot of people. They will affect many states. The decision you’re about to make is going to have a huge impact. It will affect the whole country, the whole world, and not just California. The decision to make the race against Elder national has helped Newsom’s campaign in the past few weeks. But it also means he can’t focus on other things like homelessness, drought, and crime.

“Some of you might be surprised that there are some people who are to the right of Donald Trump,” Newsom said. Newsom said that this year is the most important election we will have in our lifetime. But he also said that Elder’s race shows people who want to vote for Trump. Newsom said, “We may have defeated Trump, but we still need to defeat the things that make Donald Trump.”Donald Trump has not endorsed in the California recall. But, there are some things that the former president and Donald Trump agree on.

For example, Elder had said that there was voter fraud before the election was even decided, and President Trump agreed with this claim. The Democratic party talked about Donald Trump to help get more people to vote. They were worried that many Democrats would not vote because the election was in October and not November.

Some recent polls show that Newsom and the anti-recall campaign are in a good position. A recent poll from the Public Policy Institute of California found that 58% of likely voters want to keep Newsom in office, while 39% want to remove him. In the recall, you get a ballot in the mail. When Election Day comes, you can vote by mail or go to a polling place and vote. For your vote to count, it must be mailed before the polls close on Tuesday, OR it must be postmarked by Tuesday and received by county officials by September 21.

More than 8.4 million people have already voted by mail in the California recall, 47% of the total votes. Democrats cast roughly 52% of these pre-election ballots, and Republicans cast 25%. It’s the polls and the ballots people have already returned that make Newsom so confident.

Sean Clegg, Newsom’s top strategist, told reporters that Newsom would not lose. Newsom was with Biden in Long Beach, where he spoke.
Clegg said that the Delta surge was a “real inflection moment in this campaign” that made people pay more attention to the race. It also made people want to know where each candidate stood on Covid-19.

Clegg said that the Delta surge was a turning point. After it, we know what the stakes are if one party wants to ignore science and public health. Joe Biden, the president of the United States, will be campaigning for Gavin Newsom as he tries to fight against a recall. We all want him to stay because he is a good governor. Some polls show people like him and want him to stay in office.

The leading candidate to succeed, he spent the day campaigning in Los Angeles and Orange County. Newsom got a late boost from Comcast, the company that owns NBCUniversal. They gave $25,000 to a fund to fight against people who were trying to vote him out. Comcast joined other companies in Newsom’s campaign.’

At Elder’s event in Monterey Park, he talked about the state’s regulations and taxes. He said that 1% of the people pay 50% of the state income tax. When a wealthy person leaves, they are taking this huge tax burden from us and giving it to other states. While those arguments have long been themes among Republicans, I added a late-in-the-campaign twist. I went to a press conference with Rose McGowan, who also endorsed me. McGowan said that Siebel Newsom, a lawyer, tried to bribe her. He asked what Boies Schiller could do to help her. Boies Schiller was the law firm that once represented Weinstein.

Siebel Newsom denies the accusations. They are not true. These attacks happen before an election to make Siebel Newsom lose votes.Jennifer and the other person have been talking to each other about sexual assault. They talk to each other because they both had it happen. Jennifer’s old group was fighting for equality for men and women.

Donald Trump said that the California election might not be fair. He said, “Does anybody really believe that?” Elder also said he is prepared to sue if it’s not fair.

The result of the election is important for all people. It doesn’t matter which party you are in. Elder told NBC News on Monday that we should look at ways to ensure the votes are right and not wrong. He didn’t say whether he would accept the vote results, but he said that he would talk about it. His campaign and supporters set up a website if they don’t like what they see with the election’s results, even though voters haven’t voted yet.

Someone said that the election was not fair and they were wrong. The former chairman of the California Republican Party, Ron Nehring, said this statement is false.

He wrote on Twitter that he is not sure what the results will be, but that in a mail-in election it is just as likely to be fraudulent as an in-person voting.

“We need to stop saying that the election is unfair when we don’t win. It’s bad politics and bad policy. And if you don’t know what the result will be, then you can’t accuse it of being unfair.”

Newsom’s campaign is about how Elder wants to take away masks and vaccines. Newsom thinks people would vote for him because they want to protect their kids from getting the virus. The ad also has pictures of Elder with President Obama, who says, “your vote could be the difference between protecting our kids and putting them at risk.”

The recall began when people were unhappy with the way that Gavin Newsom handled the Covid disease. People didn’t like that he went to a dinner party at French Laundry even though they told other people to avoid gatherings. But later, Gavin Newsom said it was a mistake.

Polls in early August showed that the race between Newsom and Villaraigosa was getting closer. The Democrats were worried because Gray Davis had been removed from office. But as ballots have been mailed out, Newsom has opened up a larger lead.

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