Karl-anthony Towns Defends Jordyn Woods From Plastic Surgery

Karl-Anthony Towns is happy with his girlfriend’s accomplishments, and he defends her against haters.

The Minnesota Timberwolves centre, 25, defended Jordyn Woods on Thursday. Some people had said that she was not attractive because she changed her body after working hard. He started a long talk about it.

“I’ve seen the tough work and I’ve noticed the results. People have been saying bad things about her weight since she was 10, but instead of letting people on the Internet change her life, she went out and did something about it. She changed her whole life with hard work.”
This is a good way to get fit. The first Place Fitness app was launched this week. She celebrated by posting pictures of before and after her fitness journey. People said that she had cosmetic surgery in the comments section, but that is not true.

“I have Twitter fingers that make people feel bad,” the person said. “But I want to do something different. I want to encourage love instead of hate.” So when someone says something mean to me, I will respond with love because Jordyn wants me to. And if you have these twitter fingers and it hurts people, please find the attention and love you need so badly. To my girl Jordyn Woods, I am proud to be your girl and partner and care for you always!”

Towns are still praising Woods because she has “stayed true to” them and never changed to fit different people’s narratives.
This world needs more people like you. They say bad things about you, but it is not true. The next generation will be lucky to have someone like you as a role model.

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John is happy because you take care of things and are nice to people who don’t deserve it. John’s father died when John was 19.
Woods wrote a reply to mean comments about her during her launch week. She says she started the fitness platform because, for years, she struggled with her identity and got judged by people on the internet who would comment about how heavy she was.

I found out that people want to know too much about me. They want to know everything. I was depressed five years ago when my dad died, but now I work out, and it’s like therapy. Everyone wants to know everything, but it is nobody’s business.

Kylie Jenner has discussed how she has struggled with body dysmorphia and the body-shaming she has faced. She even launched her possess size-inclusive clothing line, SECNDNTURE, in 2018.

I went through many things. When I lost my dad, working out became my therapy.

I wanted to wear good clothes that were also affordable and size-inclusive. I decided to make my own.

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