Deadly Class Season 2: What To Expect

Deadly Class Season 2 What To Expect (2)

Did the show Deadly Class season 2 happen? It will be on TV soon. There are still stories about Kings Dominion and the misfit group of assassins, gang leaders, and cartel kings.

Based on a comic series, Deadly Class was shown on TV. It is about a school where kids learn to be assassins. The show began in January 2019. Deadly Class is a drama on the network. The main character in it is Marcus Arguello. He is in school in an area with lots of violence. There are many other characters, too- Saya Kuroki, Maria Salazar, and Billy Bennett.

Deadly Class Season 2 What To Expect (1) (1)

The Deadly Class TV show premiered with low ratings. Syfy might have wanted it to do better. The show Deadly Class was popular, but it got even more popular after each episode. The show had the biggest increase in ratings towards the end of season 1. But what will happen in season 2?

Syfy Canceled Deadly Class After Season 1

Rick Remender has said that the show is not coming back on SYFY until it finds a new platform to air it. If you want to see Season 2, it needs to be on another streaming site like Netflix. But if the show does not have enough ratings, no one will pick up the show again.

It has been two years since SYFY canceled Deadly Class. Fans and the producer have been campaigning for a new home for the show with social media posts.

Remender says that he cannot find any other streaming platform to revive the series. But he found that Starzplay got rights to show season 1 in the UK. Season 2 is not on Starzplay, though.

Thousands of fans signed a petition and asked Netflix to bring back the show.

The fans of this show would like it to come back. We hope that the people who hear our cries will revive it.

Deadly Class Season 2 Story

In the first season of Deadly Class, many things happened that have made it hard for King’s Dominion students. But this is not the end. This is adapted from a comic book series, so it makes sense that if there is another season, they might take inspiration from the next story arc in the next season.

Of course, it is not easy to decide what Remender would adapt for Deadly Class season 2. Parts of later comic issues have previously been brought into the show. But it would be interesting to wrap up “Snake Pit” and move through “Die For Me,” “Carousel (which would be terrific for Saya fans), and “Love Like Blood.” Plus, because Deadly Class left on a cliffhanger, resolving that story quickly in season 2 would be the main concern.

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