Marco Polo Season 3: Will The Series Ever Return?

Marco Polo Season 3

Marco Polo Season 3 is the last season of the show. The series followed Marco Polo’s journey to Kublai Khan’s court in Mongolia. His journey was fraught with dangers, espionage, conspiracy, betrayal and all the other goodies that personify great storytelling.

When Marco Polo Season 3 premiered last July 2017, it provided viewers with some of the best action sequences on television. It also showcased some of the most moving scenes as well as those that took audiences by surprise. The series is very much a family drama and an epic adventure set against the backdrop of 13th-century China.

Marco Polo Season 3

Marco Polo premiered in 2014 on Netflix. It featured Lorenzo Richelmy playing Marco Polo lead character who finds himself at Kublai Khan’s court instead of returning to Venice as he promised his father back home.

The show made quite a name for itself and won more than two dozen awards. It was even dubbed “the best show no one watched.” Unfortunately, the series suffered from abysmal ratings during its second season. Netflix may have taken notice of this since they decided to cancel Marco Polo after Season 3.

Marco Polo Season 2 debuted in July 2016 and had 10 episodes. The most recent instalment consisted of only nine episodes, but it still left viewers on a huge cliffhanger at the end of Episode 8.

The story continued with Kublai Khan’s (played by Benedict Wong) health failing him while Marco was away in Ceylon getting rare herbs for his emperor’s recovery.

Marko returned just in time with help from an army led by Hundred Eyes. They defeated Kaidu’s forces and saved Khan from assassination. However, they did not have much time to celebrate their victory because, in the final scene, Hundred Eyes got killed by Kaidu (played by Jason Issacs), Khan’s uncle and a pretender for the throne.

Marco Polo Season 3 will allegedly start where Season 2 left off. All historical records agree that Kublai died in August 1294, but Marco was away when it happened.

The show has already begun filming. There is speculation that Marco Polo will be played by someone else in the new season. Richelmy reportedly told The Hollywood Reporter he would not return to play Marco Polo again.

Marco Polo Season 3: Release Date

It is unlikely that Netflix or any other production company will pick up this show. A miracle could happen, and Marco Polo Season 3 might be released by the end of 2023.

A miracle happened, and they renewed Marco Polo Season 3. It might be released by the end of 2023.

The fate of Marco Polo Season 3 has not been decided. The final circumstance of Season 2 aired in July 2016.

Netflix announced they would stop making a show called Marco Polo. They made a big mistake and lost a lot of money. The producers of the show, The Weinstein Company, agreed to this.

After the second season of Marco Polo was cancelled, people were still wondering if there would be a tv show for Season 3. No one said anything about it, though.

Marco Polo may come back on Netflix. A group of people (from the TV show) had a meeting about it. One person said he would like it if there was a third season.

Other people famous in the television industry were at the meeting, like Richard Plepler from HBO and Josh Sapan from AMC. Bonnie Hammer was representing NBC Universal.

We have not made any decisions or agreements about the meeting. There are still many unknown facts, so it’s hard to know if Marco Polo Season 3 will happen.

But the conversations made everyone feel better. They are hopeful and anxious for their favourite team to win the game.

Marco Polo Season 3: Cast

The series cast in Season 1 included Coco Jones as a young Marco Polo, Zhu Zhu as young Kokekko, Joan Chen as Empress Chabi and Olivia Liu as Kokachin.

In Season 2, there were additions to the cast, such as Martin Donovan as Niccolo Polo, Paul Innes-Browne as Narimantas and Tzi Ma playing a Mongolian noble named Bayan.

Actors cast for Season 3 of Marco Polo include Francesco Montanari in the role of Bijaqtu Khan and Demore Barnes taking on the role of an adversary to Kublai Khan, who is trying to take his place on the throne.

Casting for this show has been confirmed for Marco Polo Season 3. Richelmy is not expected to return for this season, so that new actors will play other characters.

Marco Polo might get cancelled, and the cast members will have to find a new show to work on. The event has not happened yet, and people are still waiting for an answer from Netflix.

The next season of Marco Polo also features Remy Hii as Prince Jingim, Toby Leonard Moore as Byamba and Tom Wu returning in his role of Hundred Eyes.

New cast members include Joan Chen (Empress Chabi), Uli Latukefu (Kaidu), Zhu Zhu (Kokachin) and Rick Yune (Khaidu). Bailey Noble will portray Princess Kukachin, and Katie Flanagan will appear as the new character Mei Lin, a wife and handmaiden who was in love with Marco.

None of these people has been cast for Season 3, though, so we don’t know if there will be the next season.

Marco Polo Season 3: Plot

The previous seasons followed Marco Polo’s journey through Asia into China. However, he didn’t stay in China for long because Kublai Khan asked him to go back to Italy and get thirty thousand soldiers to fight his uncle Kaidu (played by Jason Issacs), another pretender trying to take over the throne.

In Marco Polo Season 2, we could see how mighty and well-trained Mongols were and how they fought against Kaidu’s forces.

Marco Polo followed the plot of the book Marco Polo after it had been written.

Marco Polo Season 3

The producers wanted to recreate this plot for Season 3, but there were some changes because Netflix decided to revoke the show after two seasons. Some plotlines didn’t make any sense anymore, and others differed from what had originally been planned.

Marco is currently in Italy, so the action might occur there since they don’t have access to China or Mongolia. The plot hasn’t been revealed yet, so we’re not sure about Marco Polo Season 3’s plot either.

It would be better if somebody else created a similar tv show instead of continuing with something already great once but ended abruptly before its time.

Marco Polo Season 3: Spoilers

There won’t be any spoilers for Marco Polo Season 3 because it hasn’t been announced yet, but we can make a few predictions about what might happen.

The previous seasons were filmed in the desert areas of the Gobi Desert, and there wasn’t much water that could have been used as a source of power or food, so they had to move with one place to another frequently. When winter came, the set was moved even more northwards into cooler areas.

In Marco Polo, episodes filmed in Italy will probably feature many different regions with various climates and landscapes. Maybe they’ll include Venice and its famous Adriatic Sea too.

Actors starring in this show might come back for a new season, but most of them might not because their storylines were finished. We don’t know which ones will be back, and people who watch Marco Polo say that it would be better if they all returned for Season 3.

Even though Netflix has decided to cancel this show, it is still a chance to come back with a different producer or network because fans want more seasons of Marco Polo to be created.

In one episode, mexico-born actress Lena Headey is rumoured to appear as her character from Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister. Some other stars on Marco Polo Season 3 include Daniel Wu as Sunny and Rufus Sewell as Lord Chancellor Otto Fiebig von Kohler.

Marco Polo Season 3: What We Know So Far

Marco Polo season three has not been confirmed, and we don’t know if the events of the next season will be similar to those of the book or some other plotline will emerge.

Netflix hasn’t responded to many requests about the show’s future, and there aren’t any updates on what is happening with Marco Polo so far. There is a chance that it might get cancelled because another show called The Get Down cost more than $16 million per episode, so they might use this money for something else instead of continuing with Marco Polo.

The upcoming season was supposed to take place in China and Mongolia, but after Netflix decided to cancel the show, these places were replaced by Italy.

Many major companies contributing to the show’s budget pulled out after they realized that there wouldn’t be any more episodes. Netflix had to cut about $200 million off their budget while producers focused on other projects instead of Marco Polo, so it might be hard for them to create new episodes even if they wanted to.

Losing cast members was another problem because some were interested in continuing with the show, and others didn’t even know about this decision until they read something online or saw it in the news.

If Netflix decides to bring Marco Polo back somehow, many changes will have to be made since most of the cast wasn’t available anymore, including Benedict Wong, who plays Kublai Khan’s loyal minister Kukachin and Alicia Chan, who appeared in a few episodes as the princess Chabi.

The Get Down, another show created by Baz Luhrmann and cost $120 million per episode, stopped airing after only one season because it was too expensive to produce more episodes.

Netflix has confirmed that this drama series will not continue, so we don’t think they’ll focus on something like Marco Polo either, but if they do decide to make a third season of this show somehow, most likely it won’t air until 2020 at the earliest or might even get cancelled before that.

We believe that Netflix made the right decision when they decided not to continue with Marco Polo Season 3 because we’re sure most people would prefer to watch something new instead of a show already cancelled.

What do you think? Would you like to see Marco Polo Season 3 or another season of any other shows created by Luhrmann?

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