Alice in Borderland Season 3: Release Date, Cast and Plot

Do you like the Japanese series? Get ready for a new one. It is based on a manga and was popular when it first came out. This time it will be on Netflix. The last season was released in September, and the third one will come out soon. You can find lots of information about this series on Netflix.

Alice in Borderland Season 3: Release Date

The release date for the new Alice in Wonderland season 3 has not been released yet. The second season of the series was delayed because there was a virus called the Coronavirus. Some sources say that it will come out in 2022. If what people are saying is true, then Season 3 would be released in 2023.

Alice in Borderland Season 3: Plot

The new season is based on Anna Kara’s manga, and the title was announced to be Alice in Borderland. The story will take place in a dystopian world. There is no information about its release date yet. However, there may be some clues to what it will be like from the previous seasons of this series.

Alice in Borderland Season 3

Alice in Borderland is a book about a boy named Arisu. He and his friends got lost, but they found an abandoned city in Tokyo. They were forced to go on risky games with other people from the city. The trio pushes their limits emotionally and physically to survive. One time, they cause an argument, and the police chase them. They hide to escape from the city. When they come back, they find that all of the people are gone! Later on, they find out that there is a game with a city where you have to play to escape. The first season covered 31 chapters of the manga. In the first season, Arisu is treated harshly. His friends die to make it possible for him to move forward in the game. In the second season, it showed how he was progressing through the game. It covered 33 chapters of the manga and told about a woman named Mira who said they were not finished yet. Season 3 will probably show how Arisu finds his way through the rest of the game.

Alice in Borderland Season 3: Cast Detail

The show had

Kento Yamazaki is Ryohei Arisu.

Tao Tsuchiya is Yuzuha Usagi.

Keita Machida was Daikichi Karube..

Nijiro Murakami played Shuntaro Chishiya.,

Sho Aoyagi is Morizono Aguni,

Dori Sakurada plays Suguru Niragi.,

Aya Asahina plays Hikari Kuina,

Shuntarô Yanagi is the last boss.,

Nobuaki Kaneko played the part of Boshiya Hatter.,

Riisa Naka plays the role of Kano Mira.,

Ayame Misaki played Saori Shibuki.,

Yutaro Watanabe played Kōdai Tatta.,

Mizuki Yoshida played Asahi Kujō.,

Kina Yazaki is Momoka Inoue.

and Tsuyoshi Abe is Keiichi Kuzuryū.

The actors for season 3 would be the same as seasons 2 and 1.

Alice in Borderland Season 3: News

There are no updates about the new season of Alice in Borderland yet. We know that it will be released on Netflix and that the release date will be announced soon. There were also rumours that this series could get cancelled because not many fans watched the anime, but they did watch the manga. That is why there may be a delay for another sequel or even an adaptation of another one of Anna Kara’s stories to come out. However, we still have high hopes for this instalment so let’s wait and see what happens next with this third season!

Alice in Borderland Season 3: Trailer

The new trailer released for Alice in Borderland has gotten mixed reviews from fans all around the world. Some people like it, and others say they hate the new anime because of how different it is compared to the first two seasons.

Since there is no official release date, there is no official trailer yet. However, you can see some information about its plot along with some images on Netflix Japan. There are also lots of fan theories about what might happen in this third instalment so far.

Alice in Borderland Season 3: TV Series – Netflix Original Series Trailer Official Trailer 1 Alice In The Borderland Season 3 Trailer Alice In The Borderland Official Trailer 2

Alice in Borderland Season 3: Time Travel

There will be time travel in this series next season because it has been confirmed by Tetsuya Kakihara, who plays Ayumu Oozora. There is also a reference that says something about breaking chains and opening doors, which indicates that there will be some time travelling involved with the new season of Alice in Borderland. It may not involve travelling through time, but it could affect how the story unfolds.

The director could go back to explain certain things, but it would be interesting if he decided to go straight to the next season of this series.

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