Inside Out 2: Will We Ever Get To See The Sequel?

Inside Out 2: Will We Ever Get To See The Sequel?

Inside Out is a film about a girl named Riley. She moves to a new place, and she doesn’t want to move. It is exciting, scary, and sad at the same time. The film’s clever idea is that it uses personifications of emotions to tell the story. These emotions are near-irrepressible, Joy (Amy Poehler), gloomy, Sadness (Phyllis Smith), volcanic Anger (Lewis Black), timid Fear (Bill Hader), and hilariously outspoken Disgust.
The film showed the Inside of Riley’s mind through different environments. Some people think these are called “islands.” The film showed Friendship Island, Family Island, and Hockey Island., The long-term memory storage unit is a place in the brain. It is made of many hallways. In one hallway, some memories are not helpful anymore, and they go to “crumble into nothingness.” Joy and Sadness went to Headquarters for Riley, but then they were accidentally sent out of it. They need to find their way back before Riley does something drastic like running away from home or getting adopted by someone else.

At the terminate of the movie, Riley is back with her family. She realizes that Sadness and joy are both parts of life. New islands will form in her mind as she gets older, like Boy Band Island and Tragic Vampire Romance Island (Pixar-y touch). We might get to see how Riley navigates from being a kid to a teenager in Inside Out 2.

Inside Out 2: Will We Ever Get To See The Sequel?

Pixar is famous for making sequels. They do not make them all the time, but it is usually because of a good story or an interesting character when they do. The only Pixar movies with sequels were Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Monsters Inc. Those films did not have a sequel for 13 years, 14 years, and 12 years. This means that there will likely be a long time before there is an Inside Out sequel.
In 2016, Morris told Entertainment Periodical that “Everything after Toy Story [4] furthermore The Incredibles [2] is an innovative right now” — and that has been the case. Movies like Coco and Onward have since been released. He also said that Pixar would never make a sequel unless the original film director has an idea they like. It’s safe to say that Pete Docter has been very busy. He has worked on every single Pixar movie since 2007 and is writing and directing Soul, which is his first time doing so since Inside Out.

If the stars align, there is a chance for a sequel to Inside Out. But it will not happen for a while. We are sorry that we have Sadness in charge of your Headquarters’ master console. If you want Joy to be in order again, watch InsideInside Out one more time.

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