Banana Fish Season 2: Latest Update

Banana Fish Season 2: Latest Update

Banana Fish was a very sad ending. People are waiting for season two. But will it happen? Let’s find out!

Will there be an Anime Banana Fish Season 2? Many want the show but Akimi Yoshida wants to renew it or not?

In a recent word report, it was said that there will be another season. Here are some questions about the next season: Will it happen? When will the release date be? Who will write the plotline?

Banana Fish is a show that came from the Manga. The Manga is written and drawn by Akimi Yoshida.

The Fish series came from the Manga volumes that were published over ten years, from 1985 to 1994. The story is taken from nineteen volumes of Manga.

The series is introduced in 2018 and is later added on Amazon Prime. The Japanese version will go to the screen first, then the English dubbed version will be shown.

Banana Fish is about a Vietnam War American Soldier named Griffin Callenreese. He faces many troubles and has many crime scenes.

Banana Fish Season 2: Update

This question is from people who watch the show. For many reasons, it is hard to make a second season of Banana Fish. There are only 19 volumes of the manga that were adapted into the show. All of those volumes have been covered in Season 1.

Banana Fish Season 2: Latest Update


But maybe in the future, some more seasons will come. If this happens then we can hope for another season. We don’t recognize yet if the show is going to be cancelled or continue. We don’t have any information.

Did Banana Fish get cancelled? It is hard to find the truth.

Many people believe that the show “Banana Fish Season 2” is cancelled. But this is not true. The creators are just taking more time to give out the show and so these rumours are fake.

However, if a show gets cancelled in the future then we will update this part of the site right after the official statement. Until then, stay tuned and put us on your bookmark list to get regular updates.

Banana Fish Season 2: Plotline

Banana Fish is a gripping and sad crime thriller. The events take place in America, across multiple cities.

The show Banana Fish is about a young man named Ash Lynx. When Ash was a kid, his older brother Griffin was in the war in Vietnam in 1973. There he got sick from something and went crazy and shot people with guns. The other soldiers stopped him but he only said “banana fish” before collapsing.

Twelve years ago, a man in Vietnam did something bad. Griffin is not very smart. He lives in New York City with Ash, another person who is not very smart either. Ash is the leader of a group of people who live on the street called a gang. The Corsican mob boss called “Papa” Dino Golzine raised Ash and taught him how to be someone important. But then something happened and now things are different for Ash because he hears about something that will change his life forever and it’s called banana fish!

Banana Fish Season 2: Latest Update

Around the same time, Ash (a character in a book) makes several friends with people from Japan. They are photojournalists Eiji Okumura and Shunichi Ibe, Chinatown gang lord Shorter Wong, and former convict Max Lobo. This is when Griffin dies – someone who was very close to Ash. After the death of Griffin, Ash starts investigating the mysterious “banana fish.” Ash and his friends went to the address in California to find out more about “banana fish.” When they did, things got complicated. The investigation lead to many betrayals, and the whole New York underworld was thrown into chaos.

Banana Fish: Cast?

Banana Fish is a show with many characters. It has many important characters, too. They can help you understand the show.

Ash Lynx: The main hero of the show was born as Aslan Jade Callenreese, but ran away from the house at the period of seven. Subsequently, He was caught by a Corsican mob boss called Papa Dino Golzine. Then he was groomed as a slave. Ash was given a role in the crime syndicate when he grew up. He became the heir to the crime empire. But Ash put his promising criminal career at risk when he started to investigate “banana fish” after his brother died. Ash is shown to be a proficient marksman and also very good at fighting with a knife. As far as personality goes, Ash is shown to have extraordinary intellect, charisma, and tactical foresight.

Eiji Okumura: A 19-year-old guy from Japan, Eiji tries to jump over a bar with a pole. He is not good at it and has a bad injury. Eiji had no choice so he became the assistant of a Japanese photojournalist. He went to New York City with the photographer and they did a report on street gangs. Eiji met Ash when he was there and they became friends. As far as Eiji’s character is concerned, he is kind to people and sometimes naïve. Ash cares about Eiji, but this also makes him weak because enemies know that too.

Max Lobo: Max is an important character in the show who served with Griffin. Max is a Vietnam War veteran and also a journalist. Ash was mad at Max because he thought that Max had made Griffin go crazy but it turns out that he’s not to blame for anything. Ash and Max have become good friends because they found out the truth together.

“Papa” Dino Golzine: Dino is a mob boss and he wants to sell “banana fish” to the US government. And he also runs a child love ring. Because of this, he was the one who brought Ash up and made him an enforcer.

The Banana Fish Series: Where We Can Watch?

If you want to watch the show again, then you can stream it on Amazon Prime Videos and 4anime. But it is not currently available to people in other countries. If you are from the United States, then you can watch it on Netflix instead.

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