Daybreak Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Plot

Daybreak Season 2

On March 12th, 2017, Daybreak released the second season of their game. The game is online and people can play together in one world. People can also make their own worlds for others to play in. The goal of Daybreak is to make it easier to create games and content while also giving developers a place to host their creations.

Daybreak is a TV show. It was made by the same people who made the Daybreak comic book. The first season of the show was really popular and now one fan is wondering if there will be a second season.

The original post-apocalypse comedy-drama is based on a comic book of the same name. It is written by an American cartoonist. If you haven’t observed it, watch it now on Netflix.

Daybreak: What’s Next

Usually, the comic book is based on a story or series that is in the TV show. But in the instance of Daybreak, you will see that both have different tones and are different. If you have interpret the comic book series before watching the daybreak series, then you will realize that the comic book is more dark than the TV series. But both are equally interesting and outstanding.

Daybreak is a show worth watching. It has done a good job in representing all the characters. Some people say that it reminds them of one of the best parts of zombie land, which was incredible episodes. The show also has some culture in it that is important to know about.

Daybreak Season 2: Plot

The narrative of a 17-year-old boy Josh Wheeler starts in the series. He is just now moved to his new school and wants to make friends. Josh is a high schooler who is bullied. His girlfriend Sam went missing in post-apocalyptic Glendale, California. He wants to find her and that’s what he’s doing. Josh has a group of people who help him on his mission. They include Wesley, someone he used to bully in high school, and Angelica who is 10 years old.

Daybreak Season 2

Josh has trouble with the jocks who have turned into Ghoulies, grown-ups who have turned into Ghoulies, and cheerleaders who have turned into Amazonian warriors. And there is a mysterious Baron.

Daybreak Season 2: Cast

Daybreak is an American drama series, which is based on the comic book of the same name by creator Brian Ralph. The show is available on Netflix and premiered on March 12th, 2017. It has a large cast which includes:

James Kyson Lee is playing Wesley Grier.

Stephanie Leonidas played the character, Sam.

Brendan Meyer is playing Josh Wheeler.

Robbie Daymond is Angelica.

Malik Yoba is Baron Triumph.

Sarah Grey is Claudette Peters in the movie.

Yvette Nicole Brown is the principal in the movie, “Romo.”

Meghan Holaway was the actress who played Lisa Wheeler in the movie.

Channon Roe and Collin Morgan are actors.

Daybreak Season 2: News and Updates

Do you know that in the comic book series, only five people survived the apocalypse? Yes! There had been a nuclear holocaust that caused an infection to spread across most of the United States. The infected turned into zombies and nothing was left but ruins. It is interesting how days since the disaster have passed but it still feels like there was no change at all. To top it off, only five survivors are left who are hiding from the outside world in hopes of finding food and supplies. The characters include a 17-year old boy, an eleven-year-old girl, a former soldier, and a homeless man.

Will, there be a second season for Daybreak

Daybreak was really popular and people liked it a lot. But sadly, the makers of Daybreak decided not to make any more episodes. Netflix announced that Daybreak has ended after the first season. People who are waiting for the second season of Daybreak will be sad and shocked.

Some of the fans are still hoping that Daybreak will get a second season, we hope their wishes come true because it is too early for such a good show to end. You can see the first season of Daybreak on Netflix.

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