Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date, Cast and Plot

Hunter x Hunter Season 7

In 1998, a Japanese manga was made. The producer is Nippon Animation, the director is Kazuhiro Furuhashi and the writer is Yoshihiro Togashi. It was published in 1998 and it has taken a break since 2006. There are two different anime adaptations of this manga series. The first anime adaptation aired in October 1999 and the second aired in October 2011 and is split into six seasons with each season having a different tale.

A boy named Gon Freecs was told that his parents died. Now he knows they are alive, but when he was a child, his father left him. Gon wants to be a huntsman like his father – and in the journey he met other hunters and found out many mysteries. Hunter x Hunter became very successful with 78 million copies sold in 2019.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7: Release Date

Season 6 of the show Hunter x Hunter was released on July 8th, 2014. It was based on the 13th episode of the manga series. Madhouse Studio made this with help from Hiroshi Koujina, who is a director team. Viewers loved it and wanted to see more episodes. But there has not been an authorized announcement about season 7 yet. However, in February 2021, Megumi Han and Mariya Ise were teasing fans about a new project for Hunter x Hunter that will come out soon! This makes people hopeful that there will be some more seasons coming out related to this show in the future!


A well-known actor, Togashi, is expecting another season of a show. This show is called ‘Hunter x Hunter’. The last season of the show ended with Gon climbing the world tree and meeting his father. The main goal for this anime was to find Gon’s father and then to tell him about it. The ending for this show was a good place to stop because it had finished its goal.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7: Cast

The voice actors for the TV show ‘Hunter x Hunter’ will continue to use their voices in season 7.

Megumi Han is the voice for Gon Freecs.

Mariya Ise is the voice actor for Killua Zoldyck.

Japanese people might not change how they speak.

In the English version, a person might keep the same voice actor for their character.

There might be some new characters in the 7th season of the Anime. We can see Gon and Killua again, as well as Gon’s father, Kite. There will also be many new personalities joining.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7: Plot

The anime series has not shown all the manga volumes, so it can’t be certain that the next series will happen. But some people think that they might pick up from where they left off in season 6. Season 6 ended with Gon finding his father. Season 7 is likely to start with Gon finding his father or the dark continent. Isaac Netaro’s son might visit the Dark Continent and this may surprise zodiac who had no idea about Isaac’s son Kurapika might become overseer for hunter’s 289th exam

The manga for “Hunter x Hunter” is not finished. The manga has been delayed before, but it’s most recent delay is due to the author’s health and possible obsession with a video game series called “Dragon Quest.”

But if Season 7 of “Hunter x Hunter” ever comes, it will probably be the end. Gon Freecss and all the hunters might die. In 2018, right previously the manga went on its most extended break, Comic Book information that Togashi informed Weekly Shonen Spring, “I need to complete writing ‘Hunter x Hunter.’ It has come to the matter where either story concludes first or I die before that happens. But I do intend to finish it.”

So fans might have to say goodbye to Hunter X Hunter. It is a long series with many episodes. There are many fights in the show. Hopefully, when the series ends, there will be more epic anime fights for fans to enjoy!

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