Seis Manos Season 2: Release Date Detail, Cast and Plot

Seis Manos Season 2

Brad Graeber’s Seis Manos is an American TV show. It is about martial arts and action. Alvaro Rodriguez and Daniel Dominguez are the writers. Wilis Bullinger directed the show, which has eight episodes in Season 1 and was aired on October 3rd 2019. Carl Thiel created this series. The producers are Brad Graeber, Alvaro Rodriguez, Rob Pereyda, Daniel Dominguez, Ken Sasaki and Brad Woods. Jason Williams is the producer of the show. We have to wait a little longer for the Sies Manos Season 2 release date, but it will be soon.

Seis Manos Season 2: Release Date?

Seis Manos fans are very thrilled for the second season after what happened in the first season. People want more episodes. But it has been more than one and a half years since it came out, there is still no information about any future serials. As of now, there is no confirmation about Season 2. But as I have been watching, it seems that the coronavirus pandemic has taken up a lot of time. This might be why the anime took so long to come out with Season 2. So we can’t say for sure if there will be another season or not, but we expect it to happen in mid-2022.

Seis Manos Season 2

The first period of this show will be released on October 9th. There are eight episodes in total. This is a new trend for Netflix to wait until after the first season comes out, and people have watched it to announce the second season. Hopefully, fans will find out soon if there will be a second season or not.

Seis Manos Season 2: Plot Detail

The first season is about getting revenge on the villains. This all revolves around emotional arguments and rights between the protagonist and the killers. The first season of Blade ended with a lot of unanswered questions. There were so many new characters, and the plot changed suddenly. Many people felt these things were at the target performance. In season 2, it is anticipated that the story will pause after Blade’s death. Well, have you heard about Seis Manos’s performance? It was rated excellent, so let’s see what happens in Season 2 details.

Seis Manos Season 2: Cast Detail

The main characters in this movie are Seis Manos, Jesus, Chiu and others. They have allies like Garcia and Bister. The enemies are El Blade (Danny Trejo), Alejandra (Blade’s mom) and Master Lo (Chou’s mentor).

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