Don Everly of Early Rock ‘n’ Roll Everly Brothers Dies at 84

Don Everly of Early Rock ‘n’ Roll Everly Brothers Dies at 84

Don Everly, one of the founders of the Everly Brothers who had a lot of hits, died. He was 84 years old. Everly died at his house in Nashville, Tennessee. He had an attorney and representative named Linda Edell Howard. His brother Phil Everly death in January 2014. Don lived his life by what he felt in his heart. His family said that he enjoyed living out the dream of being a musician and split the music that created him an Everly Brother. He was grateful for his fans.

In the 1950s and 1960s, two men named Don and Phil had guitars. They sang with high voices and wrote songs about what teenagers are like when they are restless. Songs that they made include “Bye Bye Love,” “All I Have to Do Is Dream,” “Let it Be Me.” These two are very important for musicians today because singers still think about them. “The Everly Brothers are an important part of American music,” said Jerry Lee Lewis. “I am thinking about what Don’s death means to me. For me, he and Phil were very important people and musicians. I can say a lot about him but today I will just think.”

Tunes like “Bye Bye Love” as well as “Wake Up Little Susie” were appealing to baby boomers. These songs had simple harmonies, but they also had greater meaning because people liked lighter pop fare in this era.
Two people that were good friends broke up in 1973. After 16 years, they then got back together. They had a hug and said they would be friends forever.

The number of them hitting records went down in the late 1980s, but they were still successful in concerts. They toured the United states and Europe. They were initiated into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1986. They had success with a pop-country record, “Born Yesterday,” and with the up-tempo ballad “On the Wings of a Nightingale.” Don Everly was a singer, songwriter, and guitar player. He had been in the Country Music Hall of Fame for many years. His brother died and he did not want to sing his songs anymore.

Don Everly was born in Brownie, Kentucky. They are a folk and country singer. Ike Everly is his dad. His dad grew tired of working in coal mines so they moved to Chicago, where Phil was born. The sibling began sing country music in 1945 on their family’s broadcast indicate in Shenandoah, Iowa. Their profession discovery came when they moved to Nashville in the 1950s and signed a recording contract with Cadence Records. The Everly Brothers were together for a long time. They were on stage in California when they broke up. Phil threw his acoustic guitar down and strolled off, and Don told the crowd that they died 10 years ago.

The brothers fought with each other. They went to court and had a lot of disagreements. But after Phil’s death in 2014, Don felt a message from his brother. Our love was and will forever be deepest than any earthly differences we might have had. While apart, they pursued solo singing careers. Phil also appeared in the film “Every Which Way But Loose.” Don created a couple of records with friends in Nashville and he performed in local nightclubs and played the guitar and sang background vocals on recording sessions.

Don Everly told in a 1986 interview that he and his brother were successful because they never followed trends. They did what they liked and followed their instincts. Rock ‘n’ roll did survive, as well as we were right regarding that. Country did endure, and we were correct regarding that. You can blend the two, but bodies said we couldn’t.” Decades ago, the Everlys had a big impact on popular music. Billie Joe Armstrong as well as Norah Jones created a tribute to them in 2013.

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