The Real Reason Paget Brewster Left Criminal Minds

The Real Reason Paget Brewster Left Criminal Minds

Over the track of its 15 season run, CBS offense drama Criminal Minds saw many cast members come and go. Some actors were famous and got to be on the show for a long time. Other actors were not famous for playing on the show, but they still did it for 15 seasons.

The Real Reason Paget Brewster Left Criminal Minds

Paget Brewster was on Criminal Minds for a long time. In the second year, she joined the show and stayed the main character for ten seasons – but she left at the end of season seven. Paget made some cameos afterward but did not return as the main cast member until season 12.

Brewster left the show for many seasons. It is sometimes hard to know why these things happen because it is complicated.

CBS fired Paget Brewster and A.J. Cook after season 5 and said it was for creative reasons.

In 2010, before season six of Criminal Minds started, there was a report from Deadline. They said that big changes were coming to the show. They would be cutting people from the cast. At the beginning of the report, they said that CBS wanted to save money by doing this.

CBS’s source said that the cuts were not true and that it was a creative decision to keep the show feeling fresh. In season 6, Agent Ashley Seaver was added to Criminal Minds and replaced Brewster and Cook. But Nichols did not stay for long, so Brewster and Cook came back as full-time cast members after some time in a reduced capacity.

It was not clear what had happened. In an interview, Brewster explained the real reason why she left.

Paget Brewster wrote that she was fired from Criminal Minds because of sexism.

Brewster talked to the AV Club about her career. She said that she was dismissed from her job when CBS just wanted new women.

Brewster said she felt like her network fired her for no reason, but it wasn’t budget cuts. They hired someone to replace us, and they got paid twice what we got paid. It’s because the network is not friendly to womankind. That’s why a lot of femininity leave those procedures or are fired.

Brewster was sad when he got fired. He loved all his friends there, and it made him very unhappy to be fired. It seems that she was not the only one who was upset about this decision. She said, “Our showrunner quit after we were fired. He was really mad and did not want to run his show without us.”

Brewster was let go from the show at the end of season 5. She wasn’t just going to leave, though. Her agents got her the chance to wrap up her storyline, and she stayed for two more seasons. After season 7, she decided that it was time to leave for good.

Paget Brewster left the show for a while and then came back.

Sometimes, when you do a job, they tell you it is done. But it was not what she wanted to do. So, she got fired. It felt weird and left a bad feeling in her mouth. She had to go back to work on the show that she didn’t want to be on for two more seasons before she could stop going there and be done with it altogether.

At the end of past year, I realized that my heart wasn’t in it. So I left and said, “I want to do other things.” Brewster was not on the show for most of the seasons. But then, in season 12, he came back and stayed until the show ended.

Although Paget Brewster’s time on Criminal Minds was difficult, she seems to love the show and her friends. This made up for the reason she left.

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