Citrus Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Citrus Season 2

Studio Passione has not renew Citrus for Season 2 yet. The Yuri series has many fans, but the anime adaptation received low ratings. It also received a few negative reviews on IMDB and My Anime List. Therefore, this could discourage the studio from coming up with a follow-up season. Citrus is a one-season show. Studio Passione has only made one season of TV shows, so it would not be weird if they did this for Citrus.Citrus Season 2

Fans should not give up yet. There is still a possibility that the studio will change their minds if people tell them they want the movie to come out. Studio Passione can stop making more seasons of Citrus if they want to. Or other studios could take over. There is always a hope for the show to come back, as long as enough people want it.

What are the source materials for Season 2?

Season one of the series ended with the fourth volume. That means that season two may start where it left off. The manga series has ten volumes. We have six more to explore. Citrus’s original manga series ended in October 2018, but maybe there is another source material for the Japanese Yuri we can read.

Saburouta created a new manga series, and it was prevalent. Fans hope that there will be another season! Anime fans should be aware that adaptations are often created to make people buy the original manga or light novel series. It can be costly for productions companies.

Hence, studios often take many risks before finally deciding to release another anime season. But then again, many people watching your show can be good motivation to make the show. 

Citrus Season 2: Plot Detail

The movie Citrus is about two girls who met in an all-girls school. They fall in love, but they find out that they are sisters. That is a little controversial. Yuzu and Mei have a love story that is filled with many triangles. Towards the end of season 1, Mei finally told Yuzu her true feelings. Yuzu was not able to say anything back, and their relationship became awkward.

We’re expecting to see Mei and Yuzu have more awkward encounters in season 2. They will be difficult to reckon out their feelings and sensuality.

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