Restaurant To Another World Season 2: Release Date, Characters And Plot

Restaurant To Another World Season 2: Release Date

A new season of Restaurant To Another World is coming! Season two will be packed with more cooking action, hilarious chefs, and a brand-new theme: Western Cuisine. The show’s premise is simple: the protagonist must cook through three rounds to win the restaurant. With every dish they make in competition – from appetizers to desserts – comes an order for one customer that, if ignored, could cost them everything. Will our hero master all six courses before time run out? Tune in next week to find out!

No matter who you are, good food is a comfort. We all need good food. It is good to eat food. Your favorite meal can keep you happy, healthy, and alive for a long time. “Restaurant to Another World” is an anime that mixes cooking programs and the fantasy genre.

A man named Ryōta went to a restaurant and found out that creatures from another world were attacking it. The creatures were trying to eat the food. Different people go to this restaurant. It is in Tokyo. Every Saturday, a portal opens, and characters from other worlds can come inside the restaurant for real food.

Restaurant To Another World Season 2: Release Date

The original book is called a light novel. Silver Link made an anime of the story. It has not been continued, but now it has again. A new season is coming with OLM making animation, and you will get to see it soon!

Restaurant to Another World Season 2: Release Date?

The show “Restaurant to Another World” will come back next Fall. People who like the show should have a party. It will be good for fans of the show, but they might be disappointed that there is not a more specific release date.

Many people wonder if the new season of “Restaurant to Another World” will come in the English language. We think it will. Anime News Network says that Funimation is simul-dubbing the show. This means that they will stream both Japanese and English versions of the show at the same time. So if you like anime, you should keep an eye out for “Restaurant to Another World” Season 2 in English once it becomes available internationally.

Restaurant to Another World Season 2: characters?

Restaurant to another world is different from other isekai. The episodes do not follow a clear arc with progression. It has more time for exploration of the mundanities of everyday life like “Nekoya” restaurant owner Tenshu (Junichi Suwabe/Christopher Sabat) and demon waitress Aletta (Sumire Uesaka/Jill Harris). Other characters come and go in this series too.

Other characters in the show include Kuro, a dragon girl who works as a waitress. There is also Alexander, a half-elf. OLM has not announced the names of these new characters or who will be voicing them.

Restaurant to Another World Season 2: Plot?

“Restaurant to Another World” has episodes about different people. In each episode, you can see how their problem is related to food from Nekoyo’s restaurant. It will be hard for OLM to change the premise for Season 2 because it is unlikely that they want to make a big change.

As of now, OLM has a lot of inspiration for the show “Restaurant to Another World.” Five books have already been published, and they can find new ideas in them. The show is going to have more characters, dishes, and gags. They need to keep up with what happens in Season 2 this Fall.


I hope you enjoyed our review of Restaurant To Another World Season 2! If you’re looking for a new show to watch, we highly recommend this one. It’s funny and has an interesting storyline that will keep your attention until the end. We’ll see you next time on Blog Post Main Points!

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