The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Season 2: Release Date, Plot

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Season 2

I’m sure you’re as thrilled as I am for the second season of Demon King Academy. It’s one of my favorite anime series and I can’t wait to see what they bring in this new season. The first season was a hit with fans, but there are some unanswered questions that we hope will be answered in Season 2. So stay tuned! You won’t regret it!

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy made one of the best demons in anime history. He was really powerful and strong! And he knew how to handle women too. The anime broadcast less than a annum ago in July and had 13 episodes. Each episode is about 24 minutes long. That is a lot of time right? It was made by Silver Link studio and Aniplex produced it.

The anime has a great rating of 8.1/10 on IMDb. This is good because it means that many people like the show, and they want to watch more episodes. The first season was very well liked too. Many people on Amino and Reddit say there aren’t enough episodes in the first season though! The anime’s story is about demons, but it still seems fun to many people. I would endorse this film to anyone who likes animation with a demon story!

Misfit Of Demon King Academy Season 1– Recap

A long time ago, the demon king made a peace treaty with the hero. The demon king sacrificed himself and promised to come back in 2000 years on Earth. This is called “the prophecy”. With peace, the four realms get separated for 2000 years.

A long time ago, the king of demons named Anos died. 2000 years later, he came back to earth in the body of a commoner. He learned magic and went to school called Demon King Academy. The main thing this school teaches is how to find the true Demon King. But when Anos comes, he learns that people don’t think that he can be the true king because his dad is a commoner and not rich or important like other people’s dads are when they go to school here.

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Season 2

Anos faces different public and shows them his powers. They are bullies that tease him for being a hybrid. As he defeats the bullies, Anos becomes the strongest in school, gaining the title of a “misfit.” With the advance of the story, Anos meets allies such as Sasha and Misha – The twins Lay and Misa. He also learns that someone is manipulating people’s memories at one point in time and changes their mind about what they remember.

Lay reveals that he was the Demon King of Tyranny. A lot of epic fights take place in the plot, followed by the revelation that Avos Dilhevia was in fact Kanon, the hero, in the last episodes.

Season 2: Release Date?

Six months ago, the first season of The Misfit Of The Demon King Academy ended. On March 6, the official Twitter account for the anime announced that there will be a second season. Shortly after this announcement and short trailer were uploaded.

The release date for the second season of The Misfit Of Demon King Academy is not confirmed. But it is likely to come out in May 2021.

The trailer is not yet out. But they have said who the main people in it are. They are Tasuhisa Suzuki, Tomori Kusunoki and Natsu Yoko. They will be Anos Voldigoad, Misha Necron and Sasha Necron.

The announcement has made us really excited. I hope we can have the trailer for the movie soon so we can learn about it and know what’s coming up.

Season 2: Predictions

The second season is possibly going to be about what happened in the first season. A lot of secrets are out now, so it is hard to know what will happen next. Misa will probably go back to her parents. We can expect more battles that are breathtaking. Anos might be announced as the Demon King. It would be great if the purebloods finally accepted hybrids like Kain and Lala-Ru, who were just introduced at the end of Season 1!

If the anime continues to follow the light novel, then there is a high probability that it will enter the Great Spirit Arc. This is one of the lengthy arcs in the novel. If this is what happens, we have a lot to look forward to. It is possible that there will be a second season because so many events were opened up in season 1.


The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Season 2 is an interesting series. It has a lot of action and adventure in it, with some romance thrown in for good measure. You will want to watch this if you are looking for something that will keep your attention from beginning to end!

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