Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2

I’m back! And I’ve got a brand new blog post for you guys. It’s been about half a year since the first season of Grimgar Of Fantasy and Ash came out, so I figured it was time to review the second season. As always, spoilers are ahead! 

The Second Season picks up somewhere the first left off: Haruhiro and his party have reached level 10 on their way to level 20 to take down Bone Skelter before he can resurrect himself and bring the all-out war Grimgar. Along the way, they face many miseries, including an encounter with another group from one of the various guilds that have set its sights on fighting Bone Skelter. Still, through teamwork and perseverance, they manage to get the other party’s help in reaching level 20.

Three years ago, there was a Japanese anime called Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash. It was good. But fans have been expecting another season ever since. It is called Hai to Genso no Gurimugaru in Japanese. It is based on the light novel, or story about a journey, that Ao Jumonji wrote and Eiri Shirai helped make. Studio A-1 Pictures made the animation for the TV series. Mutsumi Okubashi writes the manga series, and Square Enix publishes it.Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2

The series was known for great storytelling that made it feel real. It also had a lot of good music, which made it even more loved. Despite all the good things that people say about it, the series could not make enough money for a second season. People talked about it a lot but didn’t buy tickets.

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2: Plot

The story of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash is about people who were transported into a strange world, but they don’t remember anything. They only know their names. When the group found goblins in the forest, they weren’t prepared. They ran away and now have to find ways to make money and why they were sent to this world.

Slowly, in the series, we learn about things like cellphones and airplanes. This might mean that the group is in a different world. They have to choose their classes and join guilds so they can get experience points. The group started as a party of six people, but they lost one member, their leader. After that, the new leader took over and saw another person join the party who also became a priest.

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2: Cast?

Manato:- Manato was a priest, and he was also in charge of the group of young adventurers. He was a fighter and a defensive tank, which means he would protect other people from bad things. Manato died in an ambush by goblins. Haruhiro became the leader after that.

Haruhiro:- The protagonist after the death of Manato was Haruhiro, who is not a strong character at the start. He learns new skills that make him stronger and dependable.

Yume:- Yume is cheerful and friendly. She has a sharp memory. When she hunts, she can use a knife or a bow and arrow. But when it comes to fighting, she prefers using her knife because it is better for close-range attacks.

Shihoru:- Shihoru is a young girl. She is smaller and less social than other people. But she is important because she can use powerful magic to help the team in combat. Her teammates distract enemies while Shihoru prepares for spells and abilities.

Moguzo:- Moguzo is the strongest warrior in our group. He is strong and carries a giant sword with armor on him. He also fights all of the big people that come near us. Moguzo is strong. He always tells the group something that makes them happy. He can cook too, so he made a tasty meal after the battle. But when he died later in the show, it was difficult for everyone without him there to make food. So Kuzaku replaced him and helped cook again.

Ranta:- Ranta is the knight of the party. He is one of the most important people. But he doesn’t act like a good knight. He’s loud and obnoxious to other people, but this is on purpose so that they could prepare for enemies in the future. He wears light armor and wants to fight enemies from behind instead of straight up. It turns out that Ranta insults his party members on purpose because he wants them to be prepared for when there are common foes who will do this too and when they get hurt from fighting these enemies in front of them.

Merry:- Merry is a priest in the book that becomes Manato’s replacement after his death. She was in a different party before she joined the ones with Haruhiro. She is not very talkative and only talks to others when they ask her questions, but she mourns for her old party members and has shown that she has healing powers.

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2: Release Date?

We don’t know if Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash will make a second season. But it’s important to tell people you like it. If everyone tells the people who make anime, they might make another one for you.

Some favorite TV shows have a five-year gap until they come back. Maybe the second season will be out in 2021 or 2022.

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