McMafia Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot

McMafia Season 2

McMafia Season 2 is a popular crime drama. They made it after the first one was popular. James Watkins and Hossein Amini are happy because they have lots of money now that people liked their show.

McMafia Season 2

The McMafia season 2 is now confirmed by BBC and will release soon. If you are excited to find out when it releases, who the cast is, or what the story will be, then you have a great taste in TV shows. So check out all of the details here about one of the most-awaited crime drama series.

Mc Mafia Season 2: Release Date

The BBC has made a new crime-based web series. It has 8 episodes and is like the first one. But the date of when McMafia Season 2 will air is not clear yet. The rumour mill is full of different rumours, but none is true because the makers have not cleared it yet.

Mc Mafia Season 2: Cast

James Norton as Alex Godman.

Rebecca Harper as Juliet Rylance,

Aleksey Serebryakov as Dimitri Godman,

Oksana Godmanas is Alex Godman’s father.

Maria Shukshina as Alex Godman’s mother

Faye Marsay is Alex Godman’s sister, Katya Godman.

McMafia Season 2: Plot 

McMafia is a television show about Russians in London. The Russian mafia tries to get out of crime. People like the show because it is amazing and has been popular since season one in 2018. The last season garnered 7 million views, so people are excited for the next season to come out!

Story of the end of series one?

When the last season ended, Godman was just a 10-a-penny investment banker. That means he had not much money. His parents were wealthy Russian people. But then it turns out that his uncle was a person with many problems.

In this show, Godman is pulled in to do bad things. He does these with the mob and other people who do bad things. A few episodes into the show, Godman is forced to ship medicines into Europe. He then allies with a Mexican syndicate for more money. All of this was for a man who probably wanted to buy a house in West London and go on vacation in Dubai, even though he already had his own money.

He finds out that people in the underworld can be bad, and now his family is involved. His girlfriend, The girl that Rebecca was pregnant with, died. This made Rebecca sad, and she lost her job. The father of the baby arranged for his enemy’s daughter to be destroyed. Alex must stay in the firing range and has a lot of work to do. Alex faces Vladim. They do not fight together. Alex wins and becomes the new medicine lord.

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