Gravity Falls Season 3 : Cancelled Or Renewed

Gravity Falls Season 3 : Cancelled Or Renewed

The latest season of the hit show, Gravity Falls, has been added to Netflix’s lineup. The series is a favourite among many people and has gained a large following from all over the world. There are rumours that Gravity Falls will be renewed for another season, but there are also rumours that it won’t happen at all. “We have not made any judgments about what our plans are,” said Alex Hirsch in an interview with EW on December 2nd. Whether they renew or cancel, this beloved show remains to be seen.

Gravity Falls Season 3 : Cancelled Or Renewed

Gravity Falls is a TV serial on Disney Channel. It is about two twins, Dipper and Mabel Pines, who live with their Grunkle Stan in the fictional town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. They start to notice strange things happening in their surroundings – like disappearances of local people or objects – but they have no idea what it could be until a man named “Pendleton Ward” shows up claiming he knows all about this mystery (hinting that he may know more than he lets on).

Gravity Falls is an animated display on Disney. It tells stories about mysteries that are solved. It is the most imaginative cartoon show available on Disney, made by Alex. You can watch episodes online on Hotstar Kids and Netflix.

Four years ago, we saw the last episode of our favourite show, ‘Gravity Falls’ in February. Fans loved it, so they wanted more episodes.

Ride on! And let us see all information we have about the next season of Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date: Canceled Or Renewed?

The fans are very thrilled for the next season. They want more entertainment, and they are demanding it.

In February 2016, the Gravity Falls Season 2 last episode was shown on Netflix. After releasing the second season, the producer wanted to stop making more episodes. But fans demanded more, and he said no more episodes for now.

Gravity Falls Season 3 may occur!

It is TRUE! Alex has said that Season 3 is 100% ruled out. But he loved the character of Chuck too much. We can’t know if Season 3 will happen, but there are no signs of it yet!

The Gravity Falls Season 3: Cast Detail

A lot of people were complicated in making the cartoon. Their voice is on the show. 

Jason Ritter sounds like the famous Dipper Pines.

Mabel Pines is sounded by Kristen Schaal (Bob Burgers)

Grunkle Stan in the sound of Alex Hirsch

Alex Hirsch sounds the renowned cartoon, Soos Ramirez

Linda Cardellini (Dead to Me) sounds like Wendy Corduroy

This animated series is the best. People know it for its writing, plot, animation, and, best of all, comic voice acting. It is an adventure with a lot of humour. Thanks to the team and to the people who did voicework!

Gravity Falls Season 3: Story

This is an animated cartoon. It is about two cousins, Mabel and Dipper Pines. They are 12-years old. The cousins plan to spend their adventurous summer vacations in the woods of Gravity Falls City.

Soon, the boys went exploring in the forest accidentally found a diary. This helped them learn about their town and enjoy their time there.

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