Rush Hour 4: Release Date, Cast, And Plot

For the last some years, we have heard whispers of a new Rush Hour movie. The original cast was set to return, and it seemed like there was a good chance that this film would be successful. Whereas, there has not been much information about the project lately. Recently, one of the original cast members let slip some critical information about when you can expect the release date for Rush Hour 4!

It is hard to believe more than two decades have passed. Jackie Chan was in the movie with Chris Tucker. The film made a lot of money, and it was not expected.Rush Hour 4 It is one of the least likely trilogies that were successful at the box office.

This story is about an American L.A. detective and a Hong Kong inspector that end up working on the same case without realizing it at first. They bicker and have some cultural clashes, but they are excellent friends in the end. It’s just like when two people from different places get to know each other better and find out how much they have in common with each other! The movie Rush Hour is hilarious and full of action too. That’s why there were three movies to follow!  

So far, those movies have earned about $1 billion worldwide. So even if it is more than 20 years since Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker first traded jokes on the big screen, it is easy to see why movie bosses might still be eager to make back together for more tricks. So far, Rush Hour 4 has not been made.

We don’t know if Lee and Carter are going to reunite on the big screen. But we hope they do.

When will Rush Hour 4 rush into theatres?

It should be noted that the “unknown” status on IMDb may mean that there is no production happening yet. In 2017, Chan approved the screenplay for Rush Hour 4. Tucker then joined in early 2018 to make this happen. They planned to film Rush Hour 4 later that year.

It was a long time before the film got new news. But it finally happened when Tucker talked to Winging It podcast. We are working on the script now, and Jackie Chan is excited about it too. The studio wants it too, so we have to work hard on getting everything ready for them!

A few weeks ago, Tucker shared an Instagram post that said he would do a film with Jackie Chan. Then Jackie’s team talked about how Tucker is not in the movie yet. So now people are waiting for this movie and don’t know if it will happen or not.

You might know when the next Rush Hour movie will come out. But we guess that it will not come out soon.

Will Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker return for Rush Hour 4?

Rush Hour 4 is coming, but it will not come soon. Maybe it will arrive shortly. The stars are talking about doing something else, so they might not be in Rush Hour 4. Maybe Tucker and Chan will work together in a movie again. They might do something other than Rush Hour. We are looking at different projects, and we will see which one comes together first.

Chan and Tucker want to work together again. They might not do another Rush Hour movie if they don’t have to work together. If they both do not want to, it is unlikely that there will be another movie. As far as any other news about the Rush Hour 4 movie is concerned, it doesn’t matter because Carter and Lee are not in it. So, nobody knows if Justin Hires and Jonathan Patrick Foo can do a reboot of the franchise.

What will Rush Hour 4 be about?

While Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan might not return to the Rush Hour franchise, Brett Ratner will not. He has fallen off of the Hollywood radar after actors have accused him of doing bad things. He says that he didn’t do anything wrong, but we believe the actors more than him.

With the director’s chair for Rush Hour 4 open, they will likely want a screenwriter who wrote the first three Rush Hour movies to write the next one. As I am writing this, no other screenwriter is working on Rush Hour 4 but Jeff Nathanson. I cannot find much information about the movie. But I know that it will be about a character named Tucker and another one named Chan. They both saw the script for the film, so somebody knows what will happen in it. I do not know what happens in this film because I have not seen it yet, but hopefully, there is some information about it on the internet.

The stories in the Rush Hour movies have been separate. Maybe Lee and Carter will find a new case together. I hope they take it down! They are funny too!

Rush Hour 4

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